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This is my first communiqué to all of you, and if I may say so, at the right time… Why? Well, ever since I joined the Hiranandani Communities as CEO in the summer of 2016, there has been a relentless endeavour to put together a practical and viable plan to hasten the work within our beautiful township - Hiranandani Parks.

Not only have we started handing over Wilton I & II, and constructing roads to the Villa Plotted Development, but also created an environment second to none in Chennai.

Visit us, and you will witness transcendental change. You will find a balance in body, mind and spirit...

This typically happens when the environment allows us a sense of freedom, and lets us be in harmony with nature. In order to keep to our commitment to wellness and a high standard of living, we have added equestrian sports to our existing array at Thriveni Sports Academy.

Come, bring your children to meet our three beautiful horses. Today’s children go through a lot. Get them to learn to balance their emotions and connect with one of the most sensitive animals. As Rabindranath Tagore once said “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”. The plan is to integrate sports in the form of Polo, with therapeutic-riding. leadership-training, and so much more.

We shall keep you updated. No sooner the horses are ready to mingle, we shall set a date with them.

To keep abreast of all other developments, do read on…



Handovers at Wilton - I & II

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the addition of two more families to our Hiranandani Parks community.

Advent of Polo at Hiranandani Parks

With the arrival of three new horses at Thriveni Sports Academy, Hiranandani Parks, the Equestrian zone is gearing up for Polo.

This will make way for a whole new way of life for residents of Hiranandani Parks, the only township to have this amenity in Chennai.

We encourage all of you to visit the site and witness the developments.

Equestrian zone with our high rise towers in the background.
These are actual photographs shot at Hiranadani Parks

Thriveni Sports Academy

Get your family and friends together for a round of lazy Sunday cricket. Play at the professionaly curated cricket ground at the Thriveni Sports Academy, Hiranandani Parks. The Cricket ground has already become a first choice for Corporates and local tournaments.

Daimler and Barga India regularly hold their matches here. Get your organisations also to visit us. You may find it a great space for corporate sports and for offsites.

Panoramic view of the Cricket Ground shot during a match at Hiranandani Parks


While we are handing over possession of apartments in High Rise Buildings - North,

The Work On The Exteriors Of High Rise Buildings-South Is In Progress.




Villa Plot Development

Developments in Phase-1 (10-Acre Villa Plot Development)

All the service trenches for Electricity, Sewage, Potable Water, Storm Water Drainage and Communications are in place and the finishing of Internal roads within Phase-1, is in progress.

The mock up plot has been laid out and construction work on the planned layout is in progress.

Your Relationship Manager is waiting to hear from you. Call or visit us and witness the developments.

*Perspectives are an artist’s impression and images shown are for representation purpose. The plans are subject to changes/modifications/amendments (without notice) for better layout, as per the suggestions of the Architects and/or as per requirement of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning Authority (DTCP) and/or all the other concerned authorities. All the amenities, facilities, etc., are subject to the approval of the concerned authorities and subject to change, if required. All renderings and maps are artist’s impressions and not actual depiction of the buildings or landscaping. Company do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information disclosed. The said project is financed by Oriental Bank of Commerce & Axis Bank. NOC shall be provided on demand from the lenders.